Krismark, a unique brand on the market since 1994

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Krismark has been featured in magazines including American Salon, Modern Salon, NY Times magazine, Amsterdam News, and a lot more

Krismark is a unique brand on the market since 1994. It is among the first brands to feature Shea Butter as a major ingredient and the first to use Red Palm oil. Krismark is sold in hair salons, and other pharmacies. Krismark was sold in The Cosmetics Center based in Maryland and six other states, Cosmetics Plus in NYC, Rickys NYC, Cambridge Chemists, Whitneys Chemists  among others. Krismark was sold in Macy’s Lenox Square in Atlanta in 2018.

News, and a lot more. Krismark is also a sponsor of the #melodytrice show in Los Angeles and #bebarelybeautiful has also blogged about Krismark a few times. 

When you visit Krismark online you should feel confident about buying quality products. Krismark does not use harsh chemicals and will continue to educate and use ingredients sourced from the forests in Africa. Krismark is socially conscious about sustaining the environment now and for the next generations. The rivers in Ghana are being destroyed by illegal gold mining. Krismark will support efforts to educate about the effects of chemicals contaminating the rivers and alleviation methods. The savannah lands for cultivation of Shea Butter is also being destroyed and the trees are being cut down for firewood. Efforts are being made to support the planting and nursing new shea trees.

News, and a lot more

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